Wanjet is a manufacturer of fogging machines and sprayers for indoor use, with a specialization in greenhouse and horticultural environments.

Wanjet Automatic Greenhouse Spray Robot, Plantech

S55 Spray Robot Fully Automatic

The Smallest Automatic Spray Robot For Greenhouses

The S55 is a spray robot with batteries, made for automatic spraying which uses a pipe rail system to move through the greenhouse. This compact greenhouse spray robot is only 30 cm wide and is very easy to operate.

The angle of each spray nozzle is adjustable on the spray boom. During spraying a sensor on the rear wheels checks the rotation of these wheels. A flow switch checks the output of liquid during spraying. When there is no output, the robot immediately shuts down and waits until there is water pressure again.  LEARN MORE »

Wanjet Automatic Greenhouse Spray Robot, Plantech

S55 Spray Robot Half Automatic

When full spray robot automation is not required

Similar to the fully automatic S55 Spray Robot, this forms a system which
can work without any labor present to treats your plants with fully automatic spraying.

Your greenhouse operation benefits from reducing staff’s personal exposure to chemicals, as well as from time and cost savings.  LEARN MORE »

Wanjet S55 AIRMIXer Greenhouse Spray Robot, Plantech

Spray Robot S55 AIRMIXer

light weight and affordable combined air & liquid sprayer

This spray robot has a combined air and liquid spray mast, which mixes the two under pressure in special mixing chambers. This results in a very strong spray mist that goes far into the crop, which makes it perfect for use with ‘hard to spray’ crops like roses and gerberas. 

Key benefits of the S55 AIRMIXer include:  very strong penetration in the crop; easily adjustable drop measure and liquid release; very effective crop protection; less spraying; crop protection appliance savings.  LEARN MORE »

Wanjet S55 Foam Disinfector for Greenhouses

Spray Robot S55 Foam Disinfector

Fight stubborn viruses effectively

With a simple adjustment of our S55 AIRMIXer the spray robot can be used for disinfection with foam to help greenhouses fight stubborn viruses. This technology was developed by Wanjet in collaboration with Menno Chemie Vertrieb from Germany, well known for its successful treatment of viruses.

To achieve the disinfecting solution, the Wanjet Spray Robot S55 AIRMIXer is equipped with an extra hose reel for high pressed air placed above the hose reel for water This mkes the robot a bit taller, while maintaining the width at 30cm.  LEARN MORE »

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