Vostermans Ventilation

Vostermans Ventilation develops, manufactures and distributes axial fans for the agricultural and greenhouse markets worldwide.


A recirculation fan with unique features

The Multifan V-FloFan offers greenhouses an optimal vertical airflow through a special aerodynamic outflow hood and  is applicable for several cultivation systems and crops by an outflow hood, which is adjustable in height.

With the V-FloFan, your greenhouse will benefit from a reduced number of fans per surface area in comparison to similar systems. 

The V-FlowFan technology integraates energy-efficient fans and motors, developed and produced with the goal of also meeting future directives.  LEARN MORE »

Vostermans Ventilation, EMI Fan for Greenhouses


Greenhouse ventilation at its best

Under the brand name EMI, Vostermans Ventilation manufactures a wide range of products for ventilation in agricultural and industrial applications. The EMI Fan is an axial fan, well known on the market for its quality and as a specific ventilation solution with our own, in-house manufactured, motor and stainless steel fan blades.

Benefits of EMI axial fans include: low energy consumption; recyclable parts; low maintenance; long life cycle; various mounting options; low noise.  LEARN MORE »

Vostermans Ventiliation Multifan for Greenhouses


Efficient, trustworthy fans for greenhouse ventilation

Vostermans Ventilation manufactures a wide range of Multifan axial fan products for greenhouse applications. Multifan products are known and valued for efficiency and trustworthiness. Motors are produced in-house and the correct motor-impeller combination results in optimal performance.

Multifan products are well-known for consistent high quality, durability and longevity with worldwide availability.  LEARN MORE »

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