Electrical Installation Solutions

Plantech can handle all your needs when it comes to electrical design and installation for greenhouses or other commercial facilities.

Greenhouse Electrical Installation, Plantech

Professional Commercial Electrical Services

The Plantech team of fully licensed and experienced electricians is qualified to handle all aspects of any commercial electrical installation, from 24v to 600v.

From simple systems to complex multi voltage systems, you can trust us to create a cost effective system for your needs.

Why Choose Plantech for Your Electrical Installation?

To start with, we pay attention to the details at the level you need to feel confident that the work is getting done properly.

This means at all levels, from design to build – including CAD schematics and connection drawings, and CSA approved control panels.

We stock a substantial range of electrical products and parts in-house, which helps limit down time waiting for a  part to arrive.


With a specialization in greenhouse installations, Plantech can design and install your total greenhouse electrical system.

From the road to the outlet, we can size the service you will need and the complete distribution throughout your facility.

24/7 Technical Service & Support

Our team of experience service staff is available 24/7 to troubleshoot your electrical or control problems. The Plantech service team is fully trained on Priva, Aweta, Buitenduijk-Slaman, and Wanjet to assist you with problem solving and maximizing your system.

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