Buitendijk-Slaman Transportation & Logistics

Plantech offers the worlds most innovative and efficient greenhouse transportation and logistics solutions from Buitendijk-Slaman.

The development of innovative products and tailored solutions for horticultural logistics has positioned Buitendijk-Slaman as the industry leader. At their modern production location in Bleiswijk/Holland, the company's professional and committed employees work on sustainable quality products for customers around the world. The maintenance of all Buitendijk-Slaman products is carried out in eastern Canada by Plantech Control Systems.

Buitendijk-Slaman Greenhouse Logistics, Transportion Solutions

Electric Pipe Rail Trolleys

Flexible, safe & durable lifting trolleys

Electric pipe rail trolleys from Buitendijk-Slaman use the latest greenhouse logistics and transportation innovations and to provide the most effective, efficient trolley solutions possible.

Benefits of these trolleys include: Low step; reliable, simple controls, with help of pictograms; standard with battery and error indicator; easy access for maintenance.

These trolleys are also guaranteed for safety, robustness and durability.

Tomato & Pepper Harvesting Systems, Greenhouses Niagara

Harvesting Systems

Specialized harvesting solutions for tomatoes & peppers

For peppers, harvests are loaded into a picking container. These containers, from 100 kg or more volume, are unloaded with a hoist on the concrete path into a large stock trolley, with volumes up to 1000 Kg.  LEARN MORE »

For tomatoes, Buitendijk-Slaman offers water channel installation harvesting in aluminium, stainless steel or polyester. Plantech can advise you which type of gutter is best suited for your situation.  LEARN MORE »

Tomato and pepper transportation can happen by the Trackman (Induction), electro transport trolley or transport trolley with tipping bin. 

Induction Line Systems, Greenhouse Transportation

Trackman - Induction Line System

Powerful Automatic Transport

The Buitendijk-Slaman Trackman is a fully induction controlled electro tractor which follows its route by a wire in the concrete.

The compact design of the Trackman gives it a tight turning circle. Because this unit is specially developed for the induction work, it has a large torque at low speeds.

Benefits of the Trackman Induction Line System include: savings on labour costs; unmanned transport route; can be used on complex projects; laser head for extra safety; easy to adjust; large torque at low speed.  LEARN MORE »

Buitendijk-Slaman Pepper Crop Rotation Equipment

Crop Rotation Equipment For Peppers


Buitendijk-Slaman offers a range of crop rotation and chopping equipment for greenhouses raising peppers. 

Each product in this category is designed to save time while increasing user efficiencies.  LEARN MORE »

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