Case Study: Modification of a Relatively New Sorting Machine

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Case Study: Modification of a Relatively New Sorting Machine

The Client

A Canadian greenhouse company specializing in peppers.

The Challenge

The company purchased a completely new Aweta fully automatic sorting and packing installation for peppers.

After 1 year, the market had changed and so had the company's way of packing. The pepper sorting machine had to be modified to accommodate a new way of doing business.

The Solution

Aweta in the Netherlands received all the necessary information from Plantech Control Systems, including the modifications required in order to meet the new packing requirements and satisfy this customer.

New drawings were made, the necessary material was manufactured and shipped to the customer.

Technicians from Plantech and Aweta teamed up and finalized this job before the new pepper season started.

  • Due to the dynamic nature of the produce markets, we were asked to retrofit a sorting line for a new packaging strategy. For this project, our technicians were required to work closely with the Aweta engineers, make the necessary on-site modifications and fully test and train the staff.
    - Rob Brinkert, Vice President

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