Aweta is a trend-setting and advanced supplier of innovative turn-key solutions for the grading and packing of fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Aweta Sorting Equipment for Greenhouse Fruits & Vegetables

Grading & Sorting of Soft Fruits & Vegetables

Quality sorting machines for specific types of produce

Aweta has been building sorting machines for more than 25 years. 

Aweta technology offers an industry-leading standard for grading, sorting and packing with features such as excellent singulation even with long stem; accurate sorting by weight, diameter and quality; box filling systems able to optimize the weight of each box; buffering systems able to store the boxes of each size in a minimum space; high speed palletization; complete traceability of the product trough the total process.  

Aweta Robotic Solutions, Vegetables, Greenhouse

Robotic Sorting for Cucumbers

Sort & Grade Produce Efficiently

The Q-pack and the automatic and patented crate filler GS sorter is equipped with sensors which can sort the products like cucumbers by weight, length or curvature.

Additionally a labeler can be mounted on the GS to print and apply labels in real time on each cucumbers with all information needed by the customer: date of packing, weight of the product, traceability code.  LEARN MORE »

Aweta Fruit & Vegetable Scanning Equipment, Greenhouses

Sensors, Inscan - Powervision

Provide a higher standard of produce

With Aweta Technology, produce can be sorted according to desired parameters such as weight, colour, volume, diameter, density, shape,  and even quality. 

New sensor developments such as Power Vision 3D and Inscan-IQA enable Aweta products to determine the quality  of the fruit or vegetable, or indeed any possible defects that are present, both inside or on the surface of the product.  This is all achieved by robotic selection at a high velocity without any resulting damage to the fruit or vegetable in question.

Aweta Packing Technology for Greenhouses

Packing Technology

Tailor-Made Packing Solutions for Greenhouses

Aweta provides tailor-made solutions, leveraging it's line of unique and versatile packaging systems.

Produce is packaged in accordance to the individual requirements of the customer (e.g. supermarkets and retailers). Methods include crates, boxes, bags, nets, clamshells, etc.

All packaging can be labeled with the date of production and all other desired information, enabling accurate tracking and tracing on an international scale.

Aweta Fruit & Vegetable Palletizing Systems

Palletizing Technology

Full Control of Your Packing Lines

Aweta palletization processes for greenhouse fruits and vegetables operate using a unique management and supervision system, which includes equipment such as buffering and strapping means that ensure perfect control of the packing lines, as well as efficient continuity and flow in production.

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